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My Favorite Chrome Extensions – I Can’t Work Without Them

As we all know, internet can provide you with a wide source of information. I strongly believe that Google chrome is a great help for everyone. . I would say that chrome is my first priority over other browsers. This does not mean I do not recommend others; in fact I do often use them quite a bit. But I choose Chrome to cover the major part of my work. Chrome extensions help me to complete my work with more accuracy and greater speed. This widely accepted browser enables users to sign in anywhere on chrome and add bookmarks, setting and other resources, a well planned feature to benefit those who are using multiple computers.

In my opinion, the most useful feature of chrome extensions is to save our time and increases the efficiency. With every passing day, Google chrome is becoming more reputed and increasingly popular. Apart from fast browsing and appreciable interface, these free extensions give you the ability to cover all kinds of work.

Here are a few good reasons why I like these chrome extensions:

>Timley Notification:
Some of these extensions add extra options next to your address bar on the browser that lets you know about certain events. For example- alert about new mails.
>More Information About Page:
Chrome extensions can enhance the information about the page you are visiting by providing related links. 
>Time Saver and Shortcuts:
Most of these extensions are time savers and act like shortcuts. These shortcuts can help you do things with lesser number of mouse clicks like subscribe to the website feed etc.

Here are some of my favorite chrome extensions which might be useful to you:

Time Saving Chrome Extensions

save time My Favorite Chrome Extensions   I Cant Work Without Them


This is free password manager and form filler which makes your web browsing secure and efficient. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet explorer as browser extensions. You can also transfer information from most of the password storage ve6ndors like KeepPass, Password safe, Sxipper, Passpack etc. It captures passwords that cannot be performed by other managers and adding to it, it allows you to make strong passwords with ease. I have to visit many forums / blogs / websites, its very difficult for me to remember login information. LastPass makes me tension free from passwords issue.

Notifier For Twitter:

This extension helps you to stay connected to your twitter account at by notifying new tweets using Twitter’s streaming API. Replies appear instantly and are fast than most of the desktop clients. This allows you to compose, read and reply to tweets and follow your favorite person on twitter and stay connected. This extension itself connects to your twitter account, so you don’t need to enter your username and password every now and then.

Proxy Switchy:

Proxy Switchy chrome extension changes your proxy configuration on Chrome in one click. It can export switch rules such as RuleList and PAC file. It can backup and restore options and monitors changes occurring in your proxy settings. Apart from this, it has colorful icons and profiles.

Page Monitor

This extension helps me to find changes in the competitor’s website without visiting them. It also takes a snap of webpage and informs me the change that has occurred on a particular page and I don’t need to go in detail its notification button itself explain how many changes made with one single click. It can monitor any number of pages, add pages on two clicks, smart comparison system and highlights the changes that occurred on the page single last time you checked. This extension is available for users in 8 languages which are English, Russian, French, Ukrainian, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Turkish.


This is a simple extension which helps me to check ranking of my sites for any keyword easily, It also store results and I can see changes anytime. The unique feature about this extension is it also show top result of search engine result and I can easily copy paste that results in my record.


This extension lets me to open, bookmark and copy multiple links at the same time. It enables you to drag a selection box around different links using the cursor, to quickly assess them in new tabs, open in new windows, copy, and save as bookmark. It tries to select only those links that are important on the webpage. Also, the page can automatically scroll up/down and make it more convenient to select links at a time.


Google Reader is dead and after that I immediately move to its best alternative. Feedly is a useful tool to help me to organize the blogs which I read daily and I can also share posts in my circles easily on Google plus, twitter, facebook or linkedin .

Web and Webcam Screenshot

Webpage screenshot Google extension allows to take screenshots of the webpage with one click. You could edit, save and share it with your friends. The best thing about this extension is I can easily take a screenshot of complete webpage, there is such limitation of taking a screenshot of only visible section. It is available on the webpage screenshot and includes features like drawing, edit, cut, write comments, change resolution and share instantly via Gmail.

Extensions for Site On-Page Audit

banner on page 1024x439 My Favorite Chrome Extensions   I Cant Work Without Them

Meta SEO Inspector:

The Meta SEO inspector is a chrome extension that inspects the meta data inside a web page which is usually not visible while you are browsing the internet. This extension has been developed mainly for the web developers and internet marketers that need to check the description tag of their individual site to follow SEO, Google guidelines and to help those who are curious about contents that are not visible directly on the page. It supports XFN tags, microformats and cacnonical attribute.

Check My Links

Monitoring of Our Website is part of my job, and there is more than 3000 pages in every site, It really difficult to find broken links, but this extension solves all broken links issue, It allow me to quickly check every link that are available on the web page and highlight all broken links.

No Follow:

This extension supports search engine specific Meta tags like googlebot, slurp, msnbot, bingbot etc. It outlines all the nofollow links with noindex and nofollow robot Meta tags. It also outlines noindex HTML tags that are used by search engines in Russia like Rambler and Yandex. Also you could fix your own set of CSS  styles so as to outline nofollow links. For custom websites, you can enable and disable extensions using NoFollow extension.

Majestic Seo Backlink Analyzer:

This useful extension is delivered by Majestic SEO, It gives the power to find out the strength of any web page based in its backlink information. I am MajesticSeo customer from last year and I believe its better then SeoMoz and all other sites. By using this I don’t have to rely on a third party for any data because it itself crawls the whole web. I can easily see backlinks, number of referring domains and all other details like anchor text detail, Citation Flow, Trust flow etc.

Seo Status Page Rank / Alexa:

This extension is very simple, light weight, fast compare to all others. I normally disable all other extensions but always keep this extension active. It evaluates and shows PageRank, Alexa rank for every website. For detailed analysis I use Seo Quake.

Seo Quake:

One of most famous and top level extensions. This extension displays Google PageRank, Alexa rank and other SEO parameters of the website. It also highlights the nofollow links, keyword density and checks and compares URLs. There is also many more features in it related to search result, Seoquake also export search results, show page rank and other seo metric. It Must to have extension, download it and try yourself.

Word Count:

A Simple extension that help me to counts the number and characters and works from any webpage, paragraph etc.

3 Extensions Which I used for Outreach Emails

title image My Favorite Chrome Extensions   I Cant Work Without Them

These extensions I use for outreach emails, (guest blogging, discussions with bloggers and other marketing related things)


Rapportive shows every detail on your Inbox about your mail contacts. Once you receive an email, it help me see complete sender profile, I can see all information about the sender available on the internet, what are their current work and areas of interest. Sender updates in social media sites, even I can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and do more.


I use this extension for Email tracking purpose, it has user friendly interface and very easy to use. It informs in real time when other person read my email. There are also few other top features which my teammates are using like it save time in emails and connecting with people, we can save templates for our outreach emails.

Ginger: Spell & Grammar Checker

This extension is like a reviewer, which corrects the spelling and grammatical mistakes. It compares each sentence to billion of similar statements from the web and corrects mistakes.

These chrome extensions are a great help for the developers and internet marketers because they help to enhance their product accessibility. Moreover, the developers can use extensions to test their developed web applications inside the browser. This way the developer can experience his product before issuing it in the market for different users. Thus chrome extensions are useful for internet marketers to check their product and then publish it for public use.

There is also few more extensions which I used from time to time according to work. What’s your favorite Chrome Extension? If I missed any important extension which you believe should be on my list, share in the comment box.



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  • mohsin, June 13, 2013 at 3:23 pm
    wow - a nice set of tools. I'll bookmark this post, will come handly. thanks for sharing
  • Imtiaz, June 13, 2013 at 3:28 pm
    Thanks Bilal for sharing such a good collection, some of them are very supporting and helpful for any SEO person, I have good experience of most of your collection, but with few I failed to get satisfactory results just like proxy switchy. My original IP is available to trace back even though I used this extension. Anyways, nice post and an appreciative step for fresh comers as well the oldies in SEO industry
  • Imran, June 13, 2013 at 5:15 pm
    Nice sharing, quite useful and informative as well, Spectacularly covers the SEO perspectives while engaging the readers to hold their interest.
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    Very Great Collection to any internet marketer. Thanks for sharing it.
  • Syed Mohsin Raza, June 13, 2013 at 5:30 pm
    5 extensions from this long list are in my use. They are very handy and useful. I will surely try some others too. Many thanks for sharing such a beneficial post.
  • Rafeeq Daha, June 14, 2013 at 9:37 am
    Amazing! I have worked on many of them. I would like to add some. The best and most perfect for getting accurate SERP's Ranking of any site manually is "Google Global" which I often use to track the Results of website for last 1 year and really its great. Any ways, very nice post. I am bookmarking it and i ll give try to missing ones. Thanks Bilal.
  • Abdul Mannan Bakar, June 14, 2013 at 12:38 pm
    It’s cool I’ve been checking out all the Extensions.., Few of them from this list are already in my use. Much thanks for sharing this Advantageous post.
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    Informative and interesting which we share with you so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts.