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About Me

me 300x300 About MeI started bilalsarwari.com on 21st August 2012 to share my thoughts, experiences and ideas that define me.

I am an Internet Marketer by profession, currently working in UK based Marketing firm on various projects. I took up commerce in the latter years of my academic career but preferred following my desire to take up SEO as my work specialization. As is often said – “Where there is a will, there is a way”; today I have made myself known in fields like SEM, SEO, Web Analytics, and Online Promotions.

My learning career started from blogging and I love blogging it always make me busy in learning new stuff. Regarding this blog, I am sure it will serve as a platform where I will enjoy the liberty to talk about things that interest me and will get a chance to share it with similar-minded individuals around the world that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I also love discovering and learning new things that adds value to my professional know-how. To be honest, this is the best thing about my work that I like: It is an amalgam of passion and profession; a mixture that every man on this earth aspires for.

Panda Update: Who, How and Why will be Affected


We all know the Search Engine traffic is the most valuable traffic for our sites and also the one that comes at the lowest costs if you manage to establish a foothold on the first page for a specific keyword or keyword combination. On the other hand Google, using complex …

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timthumb not working? Here is How I fixed it

Due to busy schedule I am not able to give proper time to my personal blog. Today when I open my blog I find some serious issues, creepy homepage and featured images are not displaying. I immediately start investing the issue, then I find my theme is using timtuhumb.php functions …

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Temple Run 2 Cheat – Get Unlimited Coins and Gems within One Minute


TempleRun2 is not hard to crack anymore, I know many of us are crazy to play it day and night. There is only challange run, run and run. I play it alot and spend many hours to score high score. My previous high score is 10,000,000+ and I reach to …

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My Favorite Chrome Extensions – I Can’t Work Without Them


As we all know, internet can provide you with a wide source of information. I strongly believe that Google chrome is a great help for everyone. . I would say that chrome is my first priority over other browsers. This does not mean I do not recommend others; in fact I …

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Project Honey Pot


The concept of a Honey Pot is not a new one. The idea is to generate a system that will get bad guys to go after something that looks legit, but it is really a trap to either catch them or tie up their resources. In the spam world, such a system is …

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6 Reasons Why Every Blogger Should Use Quora


The Importance of Quora can not be ignored whether you are Internet Marketer, SEO or Blogger. You can use Quora to increase your business, for brand awareness, for unique traffic and can reach to your customer. Being a blogger you can take many benefits from it. Some most important benefits are …

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Flaws in Google Translation “Arabic to Urdu”


Today, I was translating some document from Arabic to Urdu Using Google Translation Tool, I was shocked when I see one big blunder in Translation, I will not say this is a mistake it's a big error. For our most of the translation issues all of us rely on Google Translation and …

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Doomsday December 21, 2012 – Just an Idea or Reality?


Is it really a matter of a countdown to the ultimate doomsday? If Doomsday 21 December 2012 could draw a second glance from you, it does mean it has the power. What kind of power is a matter of discussion and personal belief but the day sure is a point …

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